The Casa Welcome Center

If you subscribe to our Casa eNewsletters you recall we asked if you would support our effort to find a suitable off-site home to offer spiritual retreats and conferences and to serve as an area information center while our Casa building construction plans continue.

We informed you we found what we felt was a more than adequate building at 211 Main Street in San Luis, and that to rent the building for the calendar year of 2012—which would include the monthly rental charge, plus all utilities, we would need to raise $12,000 as a sign to move forward with our plan. We set the time frame at two months for that amount to be raised.

211 Mail Street

It's is with a deep sense of gratitute that we thank the 14 individuals who stepped forward and donated to the "Home for the Casa Fund". Within the very first week we received $12,395—enough to rent the 211 Main Street property for the calendar year of 2012. These monies will go exclusively for rental, insurance and utilities to use the property as a retreat center for the Casa de Santa Maria throughout the year of 2012.

Milt and I are deep into renovation-plans and fix-up mode. We will take possession of the building October 1st, 2011. The owners have graciously agreed to allow us access to the building from October through December to ready the building for our grand opening and first retreat in the spring of 2012.

Plans are also in the works for several great RETREAT offerings you can look forward to in 2012, including:

• Freeing Your Spirit (Level 1 Spiritual Growth Retreat)
• Connecting with the Divine Feminine (Finding Mother Mary)
• Intuitive Heart (Intuition Training)
• Spiritual Growth Boot Camp (Level 2 Spiritual Growth Retreat)
• Connecting with your Angels
• Intuitive Art (Accessing your intuition to open your creative abilities)

And that's only the beginning!

What an exciting phase in the Casa development this is as we begin to visibly show the San Luis Valley leaders how Casa de Santa Maria will positively impact this area. We're building something very positive here in the Valley—and you can be a part of this movement. Yes, we thank from the bottom of our heart those 14 folks who have brought us to this point.

In our next Casa newsletter we'll show you how the rest of you can become an exciting and important part of this Casa Outreach. Stay tuned—and please add us to your Prayer List.