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Looking around the world today it is easy to recognize a breakdown in spiritual values. Many lives are broken to the core, struggling to stay afloat mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. It’s hard for many to stay in a state of spiritual peace in this ever-changing world.

When we were asked by Jesus and Mother Mary to “Create the Casa de Santa Maria in the USA!” while on a visit to John of God in Brazil in May 2005, we never realized the need this work would address today. As the world and people’s lives seem to be falling apart before our eyes, there is a great need for a spiritual oasis for folks to refresh, renew and reconnect with Divine Spirit.

As we continually watch the old paradigms of relationships, religion, politics, education, health care and finance no longer working effectively in our world, we’ve come to recognize that a new way to approach life must be implemented—and soon. The Casa de Santa Maria is part of this new paradigm with its mission to help those who are willing and eager to learn to “Live From the Heart.” At its core, the Casa de Santa Maria is in the “heart” business.

The Institute of Heart Math in Boulder Creek, California has discovered that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times greater than that of the brain. The heart holds incredible wisdom and when we CHOOSE to view the world through our Heart Space it sends ripples of transformative change not only to ourselves to but to the whole world as well. When we each come to understand that there is only one religion—the religion of LOVE—then apply that Love in our lives, it is then that true transformative change will take hold in our personal lives, which in turn helps to create transformative change in the world.

Title 2

To heal broken hearts,
To help find clarity to life’s purpose
To offer peace, joy and comfort to the soul.

Since 2005 we have been fulfilling Mother Mary and Jesus' mission through the building of Mother Mary's Garden, the Casa retreats, Tele-Seminar, local charity work and private counseling sessions. Now it's time to take the Casa to the next level!

Keep Your Eye On The Big Picture!

Title 3
A Non-Denominational Spiritual Oasis for those wishing to
connect with the Love of the Divine

San Luis, Colorado

Title 4

One Heart at a Time

One Retreat at a Time

One Conference at a Time

One Miracle at a Time

Not unlike Lourdes, France, Fatima, Spain and Medjugorje, Bosnia—while visiting with John of God at his Casa in Brazil in 2005, we were informed by Jesus and His mother that creating the Casa de Santa Maria here in the United States of America would create a spiritual destination intended to attract pilgrims worldwide who are in search of their part in changing themselves and changing the world.

As a charter member—will you be one of those pilgrims and join with us by becoming a Casa Angel, and, in doing so, take part in this growing movement to bring peace, love, and healing to planet earth.

What a wonderful legacy to leave future generations—to be able to say...

"I was a part of this at the beginning!"

And what exactly will "this" be?

In addition to the beautiful healing prayer and meditation garden that is already close to completion and gaining national recognition, and the San Luis Valley Casa outreach programs assisting the underprivileged let's briefly outline what the non-denominational Casa de Santa Maria will be offering in the years to come.

Title 5

A rehabilitation facility for women dealing with addictions Stables with on-site therapy horses and qualified practitioners...

Title 6

A temporary safe place for abused or discarded women.
A temporary safe place for abused and discarded animals.

Title 7

Sharing the truth of a non-religious, non-denominational, non-dogma spiritual way of living—along with our misunderstood connection with others in the universe.

Will you be one of those pilgrims and join with us by becoming a Casa Angel and, in doing so, take part in this growing movement to bring peace, love, and healing to planet earth?

What a wonderful legacy to leave future generations—to be able to say...

"I was a part of this!"

Stepping Up The Mission in 2014

To take Jesus and Mother Mary's mission to the next level we have been asked to “Build a home for the Casa” Many years ago Mother Mary asked that the Casa home look like a barn. She didn't want a big fancy temple for the Casa home but something simple where folks can feel at home. The good news is that we have found the plan for the Casa home!


This barn will act as a retreat center, welcome center, guest quarters and healing center as the Casa's home. It's a huge undertaking for us—but a very needed next step in the creation of the Casa and fulfilling its mission. The retreat center will allow us to hold spiritual growth retreats, intuition training retreats, mediumship training, Freeing Your Spirit and Living from the Heart retreats, The Teachings of Mary retreat and much, much more!!

The guest rooms will be available for folks to come and stay for private retreats as well to bask in the healing energy of the Casa where Mother Mary has promised her presence to reside as well as the healing presence of her holy helpers.

Achieving The 20/20 Mission

We need your help to achieve this vision, so we have established an easy way for you to lend your support through a new program called “20/20 Share the Vision.” Simply stated, we are asking all of our Casa supporters and friends to commit to giving $20 for 20 months to help us build the Casa home and to support our mission of “Transforming the World One Heart at a Time.”

That means we need at least 200 folks to commit to $20 a month for 20 months. Better yet, can you expand that support to $40, $60, $80, $100 a month or more? Additionally, would you consider a one-time kick-start gift of $200, $2000, or more to jump-start this effort? It would be fabulous to raise $100,000+ for a barn down payment.

These monthly donations will go a long way to helping us commit to a mortgage so we can build Mother Mary's Casa Barn. All of these donations will go directly into a special Casa Building Fund bank account already set up and ready to receive!

Join Today Before You Forget!

Our Casa Angels will be the first to know what's happening and how you can be a huge part of “Transforming the world one heart at a time!” by helping build a home for the Casa.

We believe in “Unconditional Giving From the Heart!” And, we have personally learned that when you give unconditionally from the heart the blessings are returned ten-fold.

During 2013 if you have signed up to contribute $20 monthly or more to the Casa creation or have made separate contributions of $240 or more during 2013, you are considered an active and appreciated Casa Angel—and are entitled to the following Casa Angel Bonus Benefits throughout 2014.

Casa Angel Bonus Benefits

Here are a few additional benefits you receive for your commitment:

1.) Your own special private web page on our Casa Angel 20/20 “Share The Vision” website setting it up any way you'd like—including, a memorial to a loved one who has passed, favorite poems, sayings, their picture, a statement as to why you support the Casa, links to your favorite website(s), promote any service(s) you offer. Just email the information to Susan at:


She'll work with you to get it to the point you are satisfied.

2.) A free monthly phone chat on the 20th of each month with Susan and Milt to receive Casa growth updates and to answer your questions, whether it be on Spiritual Growth, Life Guidance or what's happening in the world. And... we'll throw in a free mini-telseminar every once in a while especially for our “20/20 Share The Vision” Casa Angels.

3.) 10% discount on any Casa Retreats, Tele-Seminar or books.

4.) Your name will be entered into a special quarterly Casa Angel drawing. Prizes include a Mother Mary Original painting by Susan, an authentic Patricia Sistrunk original Angel Art charcoal, Life Guidance Reading by Susan, and more.

5.) A special private Facebook Page will be available just for our "20/20 Share The Vision” Casa Angels to connect, get to know each other and support each other on our spiritual journeys, and where you can personally take part and share your vision of how you are changing the world with other “20/20 Share the Vision” Casa Angels.

6.) If we think of a number six you'll be the first to know!

To participate in “20/20 Share the Vision” visit:
and become a "20/20 Share the Vision” Casa Angel today!

Casa de Santa Maria is a 501 (c)3 organization
and all donations are tax deductible.