If You Are Hoping For Signs

You don't have to wait for a signal or sign that your loved one is still around you, still thinking about you, still connected to you. After being involved in well over 3,000 communications with those now living back home in the spirit dimension, we share this as a fact!

YOU can go visit your loved one. You can give THEM a sign that you are still thinking of them, still connected to them, still around them.

Our thoughts create, just like God's thoughts create. This is the exercise spirit has shared. It involves putting yourself in a daydream state. Picture your loved one in a familiar situation. It might be walking on a beach, or along a mountain path. Perhaps sitting together on the back porch, or holding hands walking down Main Street.

Start up a conversation—how you miss them, what's been going on in your life, how you are still hurting from the loss of their physical presence, what your future plans are. From actual feedback we've received from those now in spirit, THEY EXPERIENCE THAT VISIT.

You are not making it up—you are creating the connection. When you get real good at this imagining exercise, one day you'll be going along, and all of a sudden you'll think -- "Wait a minute! I didn't think that statement. I didn't come up with that idea! I didn't think about reaching over and squeezing his hand!"

You'll find that -- in your imagining, your visit is taking on a life of its own. You are receiving responses, ideas, touches. Try it, and remember, as with many things -- practice makes perfect.

I feel the need to add, this process works with our beloved pets as well. Whether it's a heart connection with a horse, a bird, a cat or dog -- love is love. It will always exist. It never dies.

We're way beyond questioning if our animal loved ones have souls. Now we're dealing with the question, "Are our animal loved ones more spiritually advanced than we humans?" What we could learn from them in the way of unconditional love and acceptance. Know what I mean?

One thing spirit has told us, these special entities are gifts from The Creator to help us on our journey. That's a powerful role isn't it? Messengers of God. That's the definition of angels. Hum.

Anyway -- good luck on connecting. Don't give up. Keep at it. You are more powerful than you think you are.

We are so sorry for your loss. Actual human-to-human support will do you a world of good at this moment in time.

Here's a website we recommend you visit for support from others who have experienced a recent loss.

Go to; www.groww.org/chat

Our prayer is for your peace, comfort and healing. You will heal.