Do They Hear Us?

Over 50 years ago the wonderfully spirit-connected Anthony Borgia called it to our attention—and just a few days ago our wonderfully spirit-connected resident Jewish scholar/philosopher, and dear friend, Stephan Pickering, reminded us of Mr. Borgia's revealing quote;

'When we focus our thoughts upon some person in the Spirit world, whether they be in the form of a definite message, or whether they are solely of an affectionate nature, those thoughts reach their destination without fail, and they will be taken up by the percipient. That is what happens in the Spirit world...'

-- Anthony Borgia, 1954. Life in the world unseen (Odhams Press Ltd.), 191pp

Having an uncontrollable penchant to rewrite for factual truth, accuracy and ease of understandability, please allow me to expound on what Anthony discovered and so stated above—for this indeed has been one of Susan's and my discoveries having had over 3,000 communications with those living in the spirit dimension.

To paraphrase Mr. Borgia, we have learned that whenever we think about our loved one or whenever we FEEL an emotion toward a loved one now living in the spirit dimension—they instantly receive that thought and emotion. (We don't even have to apply the effort it takes to "focus" our thought or feeling.) Just the happening of the thought or feeling is enough for it to be transmitted—instantly—to the recipient.

This is not a theory friends, nor a mere "wouldn't it be great if it really worked that way?—as in "wishful thinking!" This is a fact. We can say that because this fact has been a common thread throughout those many readings—shared by those now living in the spirit dimension.

Thoughts are energy—and energy is the way we communicate with those in spirit—and they with us. Our dear friend and spirit guide Dr. James Martin Peebles shared through Susan not too long ago;

There will soon come a time, my dear friends, when you will be able to travel out of your body at will, and meet together, and receive your instructions telepathically. You will be able to travel out of your bodies and visit with your loved ones who are presently disembodied.You will be able to think a question to your guides and masters and the answer will zip right back to your mind faster than e-mail. It is a grand and glorious transition through which you are embarking. You as human beings are evolving into Grand Spiritual Beings. God Bless You Indeed!
Dr. Peebles

Take heart, those of you who are frustrated because you don't "hear back" from your loved ones. That's part of the metamorphosis we are now experiencing as we ascend from third dimensional thinking into the higher dimensions of "being." (Away from the brain—and into the heart!)

Moving from our lower chakra energies.