The Casa Mission

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To Help Heal
Broken Hearts!
To Offer Clarity to
Your Life's Purpose!
To Bring Comfort,
Peace and Joy
to Your Soul!

The Casa Story, and Its Mission!
Why Here? Why Now? Why Us?

susan milt In May of 2005, husband Milt and I were called to visit with the spiritual medium and world renowned healer, John of God in Abadiania, Brazil. His Casa de Dom Inacio is where John of God and hundreds of healing doctors and holy saints who reside in spirit work on helping people heal on all levels — physical, emotional, and spiritual.

It was an incredible experience, and one of many miraculous happenings occurred during a special mass on Sunday, May 22nd. While meditating I received the following message from Spirit.

“Jesus and Mary need you to create a Casa!” — I was surprised and overwhelmed by the enormity of the message, but elated.

Because of encounters with Jesus and Mother Mary during our visit to sacred Medjugorje, Bosnia in 2003, Milt and I have realized Mother Mary was bringing a shift to our work — but establishing a healing casa in America much like John of God’s? Never in our wildest imagination.

Now I was being told by Jesus that the Casa de Santa Maria is where Mother Mary’s presence and energy will reside, along with hundreds of other healing saints, to help bring about healing in people's lives.

My immediate response upon hearing those words was. “But Jesus, what about you? Should you not be in the forefront?” His beautiful response — “It’s for my mother!”

The next day, in meditation, Milt received the Mission Statement:

Casa de Santa Maria
Not a church — but a place to connect with the Divine, free to all;

To Heal Broken Hearts
To Offer Clarity to Purpose
To Bring Comfort, Peace and Joy to the Soul

As we attempted to “figure out” the form and stages of such an undertaking, I was told by my spirit guides, “Relax, Jesus and Mother Mary are in charge of guiding this work.” What a relief!

On Friday, May 27th Milt and I approached John of God while he was In Entity, to inform him of this new commission we had received, and to ask for his blessing and help in creating the Casa de Santa Maria. With a nonchalant wave of his hand he said, “We already know of this plan — and, yes, we will help!”

We were not asking (or receiving) a promise of financial help or forJohn's personal involvement. Our request was for his prayers and the help of the spirit entities working at his Casa.

How exciting to realize that spirit had it all planned and brought us to this sacred place to bring us on board. After all, how could we establish such a miraculous place in America, unless we experienced it first hand?

It never occurred to Milt or me that our trip to Abadiania, Brazil, would open the door to our next service to Jesus and Mother Mary, but we are truly delighted and eager to see how Jesus will manifest his mother's healing Casa.

Living in the magical and sacred Sedona, Arizona, area, we felt this is where Jesus and Mother Mary wanted the Casa to be located. After all, after traveling the world at Spirit’s direction, we had just purchased our dream home a few months prior. There's no way we would be asked to uproot yet again!


Returning home from Brazil, we began searching for property in the Sedona area. It was then we were again instructed to relax. “You will soon be shown the Casa location!”

Within weeks Susan was on an airplane flying over Colorado. The ad in the magazine she was reading was touting available land in San Luis Valley, Colorado. The picture showed a beautiful scene of valley and mountains.

A week later, Mother Mary asked us to “visit” the small Colorado town of San Luis. That proverbial red-flag in our brains sprung to attention. These kinds of requests had become the blatant pattern of preparation, signifying major life-changes in our immediate future.

In 1996, as Susan’s mediumship gift was introduced, Spirit said, “Move to Virginia Beach.” We sold all, and did just that.

In 1998, on Susan’s third-eye chalk-board Spirit wrote “Visit Sedona!” “What's a Sedona?” we asked, never having heard of the place. One month later we were told, “Move to Sedona!” by way of that same chalk-board.

We sold all and moved to Sedona, Arizona.

In 2002, on her third-eye chalk-board spirit wrote “Visit Australia!” Not yet a pattern, we naively visited Australia. One month later we were told "Move to Australia!"

We sold all and moved to Byron Bay, Australia.

In 2002, on her third-eye chalk-board spirit wrote “Visit Medjugorje!” Now sensing a pattern, we naively reasoned, “Surely we would not be asked to move to Medjugorje, Bosnia!” During our second visit we were told, “Move to Medjugorje!”

Wow! Move to a third-world country? Returning to Australia we sold or gave away all our belongings (again) and prepared for our move to Medjugorje — by way of a brief visit to Sedona. “Never mind!” was the next message. “Stay where you are.”

Whew! Feeling we had dodged a bullet of sorts, we suspected we had just passed a test in willing-obedience.

We stayed in Sedona. In 2004, Susan’s dream finally came true when we found ourselves in the position of becoming home-owners. Our very own cozy let's finally settle down nest.

Fast forward to our return from John of God's Casa in Brazil in 2005. “Visit San Luis!” the writing commanded. “Now just a minute guys! We've been good! We've been faithful! (Albeit reluctantly at times.) Do you know how cold it can be in San Luis in the winter? Have YOU been there to see how isolated that area is?”

“You're going to ask us to move there, aren't you? Well we've got news for you, our obedience ends here! We've done enough!!!”

“Visit San Luis!” the writing continued, and continued. A month passed.

“Well, we’ll just take a nice nine-hour drive over the weekend cause we’ve always wanted to see Taos, New Mexico — but that's it! We are NOT moving there!”

Taos was fun! We're glad we made the trip. “Gee, San Luis is only an hour away so — OK, let's drive up just to check it out!”

As the beautiful valley floor lay before us, there ahead on the left, high up on a hill was a white speck of a structure. As we neared The Shrine of the Stations of the Cross, we were struck by the sacredness of it all.

Yes, Mother Mary led us to the town of San Luis in southeastern Colorado, the area she has selected for her Casa de Santa Maria. We now understand why. This area and its people are steeped in their traditions of love and devotion to God and their church.

It is indeed a sacred place. The kind of place Mary has always chosen to favor with her presence. Unpopulated, out of the way, and always — devoted followers. Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, they all fit the pattern.

When we returned for our second visit, we decided to walk the stations of the cross at the beautiful and inspiring shrine atop the hill overlooking San Luis. As if the sensation had entered our minds simultaneously, Susan and I both expressed the feeling, “Wow! San Luis has the sacred feel of Medjugorje, Bosnia, and John of God’s Casa in Abadiania, Brazil.”

We are now in the beginning stages of creating Mother Mary’s casa. Not a church — but a place to connect with the Divine, and free to all. The land has been donated, and we have commissioned a Native American totem carver to complete a statue of Mother Mary, at her request.

This statue will stand in the center of Mary’s Garden at the entrance to the Casa de Santa Maria, greeting all, without regard to race, religion, or ethnicity.

Moral: When you promise to follow God wherever He leads — expect an interesting trip!

A task such as this will take a devoted world-community to make it happen. We are also asking those of you who resonate with the work Jesus and Mother Mary are asking of us, to be in prayerful consideration of what part you are to play to help create this healing sanctuary.

Be open to receive from our Divine Mother what she will ask of you to help her in this task, whatever form that takes.

For more information, or if you feel you are being called to help, please contact us:

With God’s Love,
Susan & Milt Sanderford

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