Animal Fund Needs

If you feel so inclined here are some ways you can help up help the neglected animals of San Luis. The following items would be great appreciated.

• Durable Dog Toys for the San Luis Valley Animal Welfare Society.

• Dog Food (or donations to purchase Dog Food)

• Leashes and collars—medium and large sized

The need is great in this community, so any financial donation that we can filter to the care of homeless and neglected dogs and cats would be great.

To date we have been able to spay or neuter several dogs and get them adopted out to families in the Colorado Springs area.

Currently as of February 2012 the Shelters is completely full with about 70 unwanted dogs. Any monies toward help with getting a spay and neuter clinic going would be fantastic!

We are currently working with the Animal Assistance Foundation and DUMB Friends League in bring a low-cost spay and neuter mobile unit to San Luis. The cost of a spay or neuter is about $35 per animal. Any donations to help in this area.