Spirit Girl

When Spirit Girl came into our lives she was a one-year-old full blooded Australian Shepherd (Blue Merel). We awoke one day to find this beautiful (but very dirty and bedraggled) dog collapsed on our deck. Who knows where her travels began -- or what led her to our doorstep? It took two days of TLC to get her stamina up, then we took her to the Vet for an overnight stay.

After a thorough examination, shots, worming, a nice medicated bath (and of course a blow-dry) she was as frisky as a pup and loving life.

You can't believe how sweet and intelligent she is. On a walk, if she gets too far ahead, when you tell her to stop, she drops and waits for you to catch up. She makes not a sound all night, and will let you know when she needs to spend a few minutes outside.

Susan has found the perfect companion to make the daily two-mile post office jaunt. (While I finish morning coffee and watch the Today Show.) Spirit Girl even endures Susan's forced Red Bandana Fashion Statement with love and great tolerance.

Hmm. We keep getting adopted, and life becomes funner and funner. Dear friends, I present to you Spirit Girl. The newest member of the Casa (and Sanderford) family...

UPDATE: Several months later we found a wonderful home for Spirit Girl. She now has a 5 acre fenced in yard to roam and a new playmate dog friend. We are happy she came into our lives, and ecstatic she now has a new loving home.

And yet another hole in our hearts.

If you would like to help us feed and protect these loving animals who have no one else to care for -- or about them, contribute what you can. They'll appreciate it -- and so will we.