Snowflake entered our life soon after we arrived in San Luis. He was one of the oh-so-many abandoned animals in this town who was left to fend for himself—to make it on his own.

We first spotted Snowflake laying on the porch of a restaurant on Main Street. It didn't take long to realize he was hanging out there for food handouts. When we would approach to offer a treat, he'd run off and disappear under a nearby porch. We soon learned that Snowflake made his home under that porch next to the restaurant. Summer turned to fall and we became more and more concerned for Snowflake as winter's sub-zero weather took hold on the area.

It took a while, but our frequent visits with food and blankets made Snowflake less fearful and soon he allowed for a few pets. Soon he couldn't help himself—his tail began to wag in a "hi friend" sort of way. We so wanted to get Snowflake to the Vet some 45 mlles away in Alamosa, but his elusive skills were too finely honed.

Our plan was to eventually find a loving home for Snowflake. He deserved it. He was so appreciative and gentle. Just very scared of humans. We spoke with our dear friend and animal communicator, Karen Nowak, who told us Snowflake was likely beyond being adoptable and in fact, was happy with his solitary routine.

We placed a soft cushiony bed under the two foot high porch-home in hopes it would keep Snowflake protected from the cold winter nights. For the past two and a half years, Milt has made it his mission to make the one mile trip to visit with Snowflake each and every day, 365 days a year—carrying with him food and fresh water, plus several Milk Bone treats. Neither snow, sleet, icy roads, nor the summer heat could stop Milt from his visit with our friend Snowflake. (Missing only two weeks when Milt experienced his stroke.)

On one snowy day I once marveled to Milt—"How can you be so dedicated—even during your bout with the flu?" He responded, "Snowflake is a friend in need! He looks forward to our time together! I can't disappoint him."

Last week Snowflake was the victim of a hit and run. He died knowing that he had a loving friend who thought the world of him.

Bon Voyage dear friend. We're happy you were in our lives and know you felt the same...

Post Script. The restaurant where we first met snowflake, is now the home of our Casa retreat and vistor's center. We call it "Snowflakes Place" in his honor.

If you would like to help us feed and protect these loving animals who have no one else to care for or about them, contribute what you can. They'll appreciate it -- and so will we.