No Name

No Name

This little gal came into our lives while Susan was walking to the post office one spring day. "No Name" was found, frightened and alone in a strange new place, wandering a deserted street. No one was around—she had been dumped.

It seems to be a common practice that unwanted puppies are often taken to the town of San Luis and dropped off. Especially female puppies because owners don't want to have more puppies to deal with when the females grow up.

Susan scooped up this little darling and called Milt on her cell phone to come and pick them both up. We called Sandra Colley, our local rescue lady, and arranged for Sandra to come give "No Name" her puppy shots.

We agreed to become foster parents to no name for several weeks until Sandra could make arrangements for an adoption attempt. She was a breath of fresh air as we closed off our kitchen a house broke her and kept her otherwise occupied.

Susan sat on the floor at one end of the kitchen and I at the other, and rolled a ball countless times until no name became so tired she'd climb in her comfy bed and drop instantly off to doggy-sleep. What a sweetheart.

All too soon the time came to drive her 16 miles on a dark and cold morning to hand her ovr to ///////// for the next leg of her trip to Colorado Springs Pet Smart and hopefully a loving and caring adoptive family.

It was a tearful parting. Another hole in our hearts to be filled with the memory of no name.

If you would like to help us feed and protect these loving animals who have no one else to care for or about them, please contribute what you can. They'll appreciate it -- and so will we.